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Kaloer Clock - Night Clock 3.5.4

ScreenShot of Kaloer Clock - Night Clock 3.5.4 by Kaloer Night Clock with advanced alarm. The clock has 5 skins and its layout and behaviour is very customizable. The alarm has a fade-in feature and it can play a playlist with songs or just a single alarm tone. The clock can automatically start on ac power. Buy the Powerpack in the application to unlock advanced alarm, sleep timer, automatic start on time, and day and night specific preferences. The advanced alarm shows detailed weather information, a music player, and your agenda. Permissions: Many users request new featues, and in order to make these work, the application needs multiple permissions: - Your messages: To show the SMS-icon and the message text. - Your location: The weather skin needs to know your location to give you relevant weather data. - Network communication: To download the...
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Visidon AppLock Plus 2.0.0

ScreenShot of Visidon AppLock Plus 2.0.0 by Visidon Fast, convenient and cool way to protect your mobile with face recognition. Protect any application (i.e. SMS, Gallery, E-Mail, Facebook, etc.) on your phone using face recognition. Convenient and cool way to increase safety of your private apps and content. Visidon AppLock Plus lets you choose the apps to be protected. Your face is a key to open them! Application uses the frontal camera of your mobile and verifies in real-time that the face matches the one allowed to access the private apps. By upgrading to Plus version you'll get: - No ads! - Pattern and PIN as alternative unlocking methods! - Haptic feedback for all alternative unlocking methods! - Experimental lockscreen feature (Read more important information about the lockscreen and some known issues from here:
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Face Blender 2.0.3

ScreenShot of Face Blender 2.0.3 by Oren Bengigi Face Blender, the Best Android Fun App for blending Faces! Use your camera to take two pictures of different faces or pick images from your photo gallery. Press the "Blend" button to blend them together! The result is a funny mixture of both faces. You can blend your face with your spouse to see what your children might look like or blend your face with your friends at work – funny results guaranteed :) If face detection goes wrong, you can manually adjust your blended face by pressing the menu button and selecting "Edit Blend". Enjoy Recent changes: - Nexus 7 support - Pick image gallery crash fixed - Improved image processing
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PhotoViva 2.09

ScreenShot of PhotoViva 2.09 by Lamina Design Please watch the video at NOTE: If there are any bugs/crashes, contact me directly and I'll try to fix it! Working on Fix for Galaxy S II. Romona, please contact me. "Unglaublich, was diese App kann! Einfach zu bedienen, sehr umfangreich und heraus kommen wahre Kunstwerke. Toll! " "Muy buena app Muy buena app, es diferente al resto y no presenta fallos" "Fantastic! - Amazing flexibility and quality." "Mind-Blowing unique painterly effects." "I love this app!!!!" "Unique effects. - Surprising amounts of app depth." "...truly a hidden treasure." "Absolutely awesome, will use this a lot!" "Wow! - Didn't expected so much from an iPhone drawing app." PhotoViva is a powerful...
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Youku Paike - Video Sharing 2.1

ScreenShot of Youku Paike - Video Sharing 2.1 by  Youku Shoot videos conveniently, watch videos at any time, upload videos quickly and share videos at will. Youku Paike released by, is specially designed for Android users for video uploading and sharing. There are lots of newly recorded, interesting videos waiting for you to enjoy every day. Highlights ☆ The fastest uploading speed in China, the biggest CDN network around the China ☆ Protect your video privacy, customize your video access permission ☆ Offline video shooting ☆ Background uploading ☆ Instant SNS sharing ☆ Friends interaction by forwarding, commenting and sharing videos ☆ Special effects beautify your videos ☆ Rich personal settings ☆ More attractive functions are waiting for you If you have any suggestion and feedback, please email us at
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Field Trip 1.05

ScreenShot of Field Trip 1.05 by NianticLabs@Google Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone. When you get close to something interesting, it pops up a card with details about the location. No click is required. If you have a headset or bluetooth connected, it can even read the info to you. Field Trip can help you learn about everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. You select the local feeds you like and the information pops up on your phone automatically, as you walk next to those places. The hyperlocal history experts of Arcadia will unveil local lore in places you never expected. Trend-setting publications like Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, and Eater will point out the best places to eat and drink...
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Rusty gears free 5.2

ScreenShot of Rusty gears free 5.2 by Infomedia BH NO push notifications NO spyware, NO malware Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds. That’s right, the insides of your phone have gotten attacked by Oxygen, and now they’re changing color and working slower and… Looking beautiful, to be honest! Worry not, the fact that your phone runs on battery will keep it alive, and the rusty gears wallpaper will simply keep it more interesting to look at – all those rusty wheels, spinning in the background, as you browse your favorite applications. After the download you don\'t need internet connection to enjoy the application. This free app is ad supported. This application will not download videos from the internet. Download once and enjoy for ever. Note: Application can not be moved to SD card. Application...
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Rush Ninja - Ninja games 1.0.1

ScreenShot of Rush Ninja - Ninja games 1.0.1 by The darkness forces attack the world now; all the warriors and Ninjia are controlled by it. The chief disciple of Ninjia Hattori hanzou steps forward, can he rescue the world? Let's run!
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Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1

ScreenShot of Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1 by JoeProgrammer, Inc Why use a boring calendar widget that only has words when a cool picture can tell the story? Blik reads your calendar and automatically shows the best picture for each event that describes it without words. The picture is shown, along with the start time and an important word from the event so that you can see what's coming up on your calendar. You end up with a quick visual guide to your upcoming events. Your calendar has never been easier to "read". The free/trial version of Blik comes with 350+ pictures and 700+ keywords rules. The Pro version unlocks another 300+ keyword rules so that your calendar events are matched up to pictures even better. You can create your own keyword rules for single calendar events in the free/trial version and in the Pro version you can create your...
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Faction Wars 3D MMORPG 1.137

ScreenShot of Faction Wars 3D MMORPG 1.137 by Veraxon Entertainment This is challenging hardcore 3D MMORPG game. If you are looking for an "easy mode" game, this game is not for you. Revolutionary Full 3D MMORPG (beta): => HUGE GAME WORLD => 6 Races: Orc,Dwarf,Human, Elf,Dark Elf, BloodDrak => 5 Classes: Confessor, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Templar => 2 warring Factions: Alliance and Fury => Solo and 5-man dungeons => Thousands of players online => coming: 10-man raids, PvP Arenas, PvP Battlegrounds Faction Wars is a mobile full 3D MMORPG game offering for the very first time on mobile device not only rich and amazing full 3D fantasy world but full support for factions conflict, factions battleground, non-heard-of-on-mobile-devices 10-man raiding system and more. Game also offers a very unique 5-man dungeon leveling system in addition...
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