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Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1

ScreenShot of Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1 by JoeProgrammer, Inc Why use a boring calendar widget that only has words when a cool picture can tell the story? Blik reads your calendar and automatically shows the best picture for each event that describes it without words. The picture is shown, along with the start time and an important word from the event so that you can see what's coming up on your calendar. You end up with a quick visual guide to your upcoming events. Your calendar has never been easier to "read". The free/trial version of Blik comes with 350+ pictures and 700+ keywords rules. The Pro version unlocks another 300+ keyword rules so that your calendar events are matched up to pictures even better. You can create your own keyword rules for single calendar events in the free/trial version and in the Pro version you can create your...
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Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO Key 1.1

ScreenShot of Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO Key 1.1 by Wro Claw Studio S.C. This the unlocker for Puzzle Alarm Clock FREE, and you need to have it installed to use it: ------------------------------------- We know some of you have problems with getting up in the morning, and we want to change it! Puzzle Alarm Clock will check if you're awake enough before you're allowed to turn an alarm off. With exceptional design and 9 possible alarm configurations, Puzzle Alarm Clock is a must-have app for all Android users. Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO features: • Random puzzles with every alarm (math equation, memory cards, colors and shapes, captcha), • 3 puzzle difficulty levels, • 3 soothing melodies in Calm mode for soft alarms, • Increasing alarm volume, • Loud explosion sound...
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Catch Notes 5.1.1

ScreenShot of Catch Notes 5.1.1 by Catch Notes is a free note taking app designed to make sure you never miss an idea. It lets you capture ideas and discoveries across all your devices and when you're ready, turn your ideas into action with friends and colleagues using simple, mobile collaboration. NEVER MISS AN IDEA - NEW! Capture ideas instantly with the Catch capture wheel. - Create voice, photo, and text notes, online AND offline - NEW! Track private tasks with checklists and... - NEW! Share checklists to collaborate on to-do lists - Set reminders so you never miss something important - Use email to send web content to FIND AND SAVE ALL YOUR DISCOVERIES - Collect ideas into personal spaces as they develop - Use #tags to label and find your notes easily - Automatically backup notes for free across all ...
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Task List - To Do List - Pro 2.5

ScreenShot of Task List - To Do List - Pro 2.5 by  LorSoft This effective to-do list lets you keep track of everything you need to do. Organize tasks in your own to-do lists and assign icons to both tasks and lists. Task List Pro have basic producteev sync, widgets, task reminders, 160 icons, repeating tasks, speech to text, backup/restore, search, CSV export, ordering tasks by drag&drop and much more. Supports English, Spanish and German language. Task List Pro is a very customizable to-do list with lots of settings. Actions can be assigned to buttons and swipe movements to make the app behave like you want. An extensive FAQ is available within the app so check it out if you need any help or just some hints to get started. Task List Pro is ad-free and you can sync any list against producteev. Pro version also have a function to email all your...
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Sleep as Android 20121024

ScreenShot of Sleep as Android 20121024 by Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. Wakes you gently in light sleep for pleasant mornings. Features: sleep graph history, sleep debt stats, sharing (FaceBook, email), nature alarms (birds, sea, storm...) with gradual volume up, music volume down when asleep, captcha, sleep talk/snoring recording (2 weeks trial) aka "Sleep as an Droid" Recent changes: -Improved screen-off detection -Experimental track auto-recovery when application gets interrupted/updated -Vibrations temporarily suspended in CAPTCHA -Fixes in pausing -Lucid dreaming triggers not before 2nd consequent deep sleep after slight movement -Titanium Backup warning (may interfere, many thanks to Anna) -Polish,Norwegian,Slovak,Ukrainian,Chinese,Czech translations, many thanks to Robert,Jonas,Moni,Dima,Eddy -Added 15min ...
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Easy Calculator Pro 1.2.1

ScreenShot of Easy Calculator Pro 1.2.1 by MobileSoftJungle It is a simple but very powerful calculator for everyday use. You can use it just as a pocket calculator with percentage button and memory feature or you may turn it into a universal scientific tool. The live as-you-type expression view helps you never lose your place in a calculation. Its very precise up to 40 digits, unlike a normal calculator that only provides 15 significant digits calculation. Easy Calculator Pro supports date and time functions, may display result in various formats, can work with constants and mathematical functions. Easy Calculator Pro allows you to keep all the history of your calculations, make notes, send by email or return values and expressions back to the calculator. Features: * Expression calculation. * Calculation history. * Advanced percent calculation (Discounts...
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Pesoguin Memo Pad Full Version 2.5.5

ScreenShot of Pesoguin Memo Pad Full Version 2.5.5 by This is a memo pad widget of "Pesoguin", a popular character in Japan. Please tap on the widget, and you can write memo on it. Please use it like sticky, post-it, or note-pad. You’ll find it a tool with full of entertainment. It will surely advance productivity when used for your job. This application is a widget for your home screen and you can enjoy personalization of it. Keep pressing the home screen till an additional menu of widgets appears. Pick out “Pesoguine Memo Pad” from a list of widgets. ※ Pesoguin is an imaginary animal similar to an emperor penguin's baby, which is very cute and lives on the Internet, PCs, and mobile phones. He will relax your mind. He has a cute girlfriend, "Pesoko". They appear in a Japanese four-frame comics...
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HD Metallic Widgets 3.1

ScreenShot of HD Metallic Widgets 3.1 by DGAge Studio HD Metallic Widgets provides you a new elegant experience of home screen. This set of widget includes weather widget, digital clock widget, analog clock widget, battery widget and switches widget, all in one package. What makes these widgets unique is not only its elegant style, but also it is optimized approach in battery usage, and also it is easy to use. Through this package you will have access to ● Analog Clock, which is available in both Circle and Square shapes. This widget also shows the current day of the month. Also it display in 3 X 3 size. ● Digital Clock, will show the time and current date. Also it displays in 4 X 1 size. ● Battery Widget, it’s shown in two different sizes, the large one is in 4 X 1 size and small one in 2 X 1 size. This widget let you know the status...
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Calculations 4.0 Free 1.2.9

ScreenShot of Calculations 4.0 Free 1.2.9 by  White Gorilla Media, Inc. ---------------------------------- Advanced Calculator, Currency Converter, Measurement Converter, Mortgage Calculator, and Tip Calculator. ---------------------------------- "What the stock ICS calculator should have been" *** "A nifty tool that can perform (those) tasks quickly" *** Free version is ad-supported and has limited function. Buy the Pro version for just $0.99 ---------------------------------- - Calculator: Clean design with advanced functions for Pro users - Currency Converter: Real-time (as you type) conversion to up to 10 selected currencies - Measurement Converter: Convert units of length, area, temperature, volume, weight, and time as you type. - Mortgage: See the payoff details on a mortgage or any loan, including advanced...
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Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.1

ScreenShot of Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.1 by BiDuSoft *** Featured on Android And Me: 10 new apps worth checking out this week (Week Oct. 8 - Oct. 12) *** *** "Last week I shared this app in the Android Rookies column because my brother Clark loves birds, and it turns out quite a few of you in the audience share his passion. This paid app will cost you $0.99, but it’s worth a shot if you are a fan of nature." - Taylor Wimberly, Chief Editor at Android and Me. Do you like nature especially birds ? Do you have problem waking up in the morning ? Do normal alarm clocks appear very boring to you ? If your answers to the above questions are yes, you have found the right app. Morning Bird Alarm Clock is a unique alarm clock that uses authentic bird sounds to wake you up. Energize your morning with many morning bird species across the...
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