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AES Detector with Map 2.2.4

ScreenShot of AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by  Kevin Choong This is an AES camera detector tool with interactive mapping features. It assists when you are on the go, by showing the surrounding cameras on map. Details of each camera can be shown with a single tap on them. This app can also be configured to alert you when cameras detected, with both speech and beep sound. A useful search function is there for you to locate a place by entering its latitude and longitude coordinates. Under the Settings, there are few things you can configure: -Turn On/Off Camera Following My Position -Turn On/Off Satelite Map -Turn On/Off Traffic Map -Turn On/Off Speedometer -Turn On/Off Beep when cameras detected -Turn On/Off Speech when camera is < 1.5km away -Switch between Portrait and Landscape mode (app restart needed) As you know Malaysian government has started...
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BackCountry Navigator DEMO 4.8.0

ScreenShot of BackCountry Navigator DEMO 4.8.0 by CritterMap Software LLC Use your Android as an offroad topo mapping GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Try this DEMO for 16 days to see if it is right for you. Use offline topo maps and GPS on hike trails without cell service! The GPS in your Android phone can get its position from satellites, and you don’t have to rely on your data plan to get maps. Have more fun and safe GPS adventures in the backcountry. Preload FREE offline topo maps, aerial photos, and road maps on your storage card, so they are ready when you need them. Add custom GPS waypoints in longitude and latitude, UTM or MGRS grid reference. Import GPS waypoints from GPX files. Choose icons for waypoints much like in MapSource. (This app uses the WGS84 datum, NAD27 is available in settings). Use GPS for hunting a waypoint...
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Open GPS Tracker 1.3.4

ScreenShot of Open GPS Tracker 1.3.4 by René de Groot An application that can track your travels of your Android by storing your GPS locations. Draws the route real-time on either Google or OSM maps. Uses coloring to render speeds. Share though GPX, KMZ formats or summarize with a tweet. Take notes on your track with pictures, video, audio and text. For a demo on using Breadcrumbs integration: For help on preparing off-line maps checkout: Recent changes: 1.3.4 * Fixes OSM upload, Breadcrumbs upload and setting breadcrumbs activities to tracks 1.3.3 * Fixes sharing tracks crash on Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) devices 1.3.2-OSM update * Same as before with a more recent OSMDroid library. 1.3.2 * Fix: Hanging...
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GPS Signal Widget 2.1

ScreenShot of GPS Signal Widget 2.1 by Lakshman Do you get tired waiting for the GPS location to be available? With this tool you can check out the GPS satellites and the signal strength in a 4x2 or a 1x1 widget. On users request the 1x1 widget has been brought back. IMPORTANT. Both 1x1 and 4x2 widgets are available. If you are upgrading please remove the old widgets before upgrading since there will be errors otherwise. Note:- In Honeycomb and ICS you need to first launch the app in launcher before the widget becomes available in list of widgets. The other option is to reboot. Permissions. The app requires internet permissions now for showing the Google ads. Email any feedback to me. Recent changes: v2.1 Converted to modern Fragment architecture. Will be compatible with handsets and tablets both. Now Honeycomb and ICS devices on first ...
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Compass PRO 2.7

ScreenShot of Compass PRO 2.7 by Mobile Essentials Compass PRO is the compass in your pocket, when you need it, where you need it. Compass PRO has the following functions: - Shows direction of north, south, east and west - Shows degrees in “side window” - Rotating bezel ------------------------------------------ HOW TO USE COMPASS PRO? ------------------------------------------ First we’ll need to cover a little bit of compass jargon first. The part of Compass PRO that moves and always points north is called the card (with N,S,E, and W indicated, and a beveled edge with a series of numbers on it). There is a movable ring around the edge of the compass, called the bezel. A red double line across the top of the compass is called the lubber line, and finally, there is a little window above the compass which is often named ...
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Street View on Google Maps

ScreenShot of Street View on Google Maps by Google Inc. With Google Maps Street View, you can explore the world at street level. See popular landmarks, check out places you want to visit in your hometown or far away, and take a virtual trip around the world. To use Street View, open Google Maps, search for a place or long-press the map, and tap the Street View option. To learn more about Street View and see where it's available, visit Recent changes: * Bug fixes
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OsmAnd+ 0.8.3

ScreenShot of OsmAnd+ 0.8.3 by  Anvisics Osmand+ (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) Osmand+ is an open source navigation application with access to a wide variety of global open street map data. All map data (vector or tile maps) can be stored on the phone memory card for offline usage. Osmand also offers offline and online routing functionality including voice guidance. Osmand+ is the paid application version, by buying it you support the project, fund the development of new features, and receive the latest updates. Some of the core features: - Complete offline functionality (store downloaded vector or tile maps in a selectable folder) - Compact offline vector maps for the whole world available - Unlimited downloading of country or region maps directly from the app - Offline Wikipedia feature (download Wikipedia POIs), great...
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SpeedView Pro 3.0.3

ScreenShot of SpeedView Pro 3.0.3 by Code Sector SpeedView is an advanced speedometer application that uses the phone's built-in GPS system to show your current maximum and average speed, as well as the direction, total distance, and time traveled. Suitable for running, car driving, biking, or hiking. • High accuracy GPS-based speedometer that is more accurate than the one in your car. • Linear compass Shows your current direction of travel. A compass mode is also available. • HUD mode Mirrors the numbers so you can place your phone on your car's dashboard and see the speed reflected in the front glass. You can check out this video to see how it works: • Speed graph Displays a graph chart covering the last several minutes. • Speed warning You can set the speed limits for three different...
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BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS 4.6.9

ScreenShot of BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS 4.6.9 by CritterMap Software LLC Use your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mapping GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Explore beyond cell coverage for hiking, hunting and more. Download topo maps for the US and some other countries in advance, so you won't need cell coverage when navigating. This uses many publicly available map sources as free downloads. It also has some additional content available as an in app purchase: -Accuterra Topo Map Source on sale for a $20 upgrade. This can be purchased and used with or in instead of the free sources. - Boundary maps for 12 western states from the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) for $7.99. Overlay for topo maps hunters. -Content from US TrailMaps for $15.99, including: -Snowmobile Trail Maps for Snowmobiling enthusiasts, -ATV Trail Maps -Whitewater...
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Nutiteq Maps SDK demo 1.2.1

ScreenShot of Nutiteq Maps SDK demo  1.2.1 by Nutiteq Demo application of Nutiteq Maps SDK. Demonstrates following features: * Different map sources: OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Bing, Yahoo, Google * Offline maps (bundled data) * Raster map overlay (terrain hill-shading) * Routing with different services: YourNavigation, CloudMade * Geocoding with CloudMade * KML overlays: points, lines, areas, Panoramio images, live boat locations * GPS hybrid positioning API * Spatialite data viewing on map * More features coming ... App full source: Nutiteq SDK:
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