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Towers N' Trolls 2.2

ScreenShot of Towers N' Trolls 2.2 by Ember Entertainment "It's an addictive, creative game with some lovely aesthetics and challenging levels. If you're anything like me, it'll probably steal your soul." - KOTAKU "iPad App of the Week" - GIZMODO "Game of the Month" - -------- Fast paced fantasy tower defense... from the creators of Toy Soldiers and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance! Defend your kingdom from invading troll hordes, with addictive quick-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay. Towers N' Trolls combines fast-paced arcade action with quick-thinking strategy. The tower defense genre is updated for 21st Century mobile gaming with nail-biting moments where your fate teeters on a razor's edge. No sitting and waiting for the enemy, they're already at your door - it's up to you to stop them! Towers N' ...
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Kung Pow Granny 1.5.0

ScreenShot of Kung Pow Granny 1.5.0 by BLUEFIR MEDIA CO. LIMITED No buttons! Just tilt your device to eliminate threats like in the game Tilt to Live. In Kung Pow Granny, players assume the identity of a Grandmaster Granny with mad Kung Fu skills. Granny is engaged in a lethal battle against the Reapers, Ghosty, and Rocky. The soul of Kung Fu master Bruce Lee is infused in you and Granny - fight to kill or be killed, a virtual Game of Death! Stash Items add impact in the fight of good vs. evil. Game players can unleash a huge fire storm to burn hundreds of Reapers into ashes! Generate chain lighting to kill a sea of enemies! Hurl Granny’s canes or boot to knock out the bad guys who dare to harass a little poor old lady! Rocket Shoes speed up Granny on her way to whip up a magical maelstrom. Tathagata Palm is a Chinese Kung Fu killing machine sure...
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Tiny Farm® 1.2.4

ScreenShot of Tiny Farm® 1.2.4 by Com2uS Inc. A Tiny Farm in your palms!   We're welcoming Hello Kitty for a limited time to our Tiny Farms! Plus, enjoy the Autumn Breeze with Tiny Farm! Sheep, cows, and more with Hello Kitty bags, hats and other fun items! You love Hello Kitty, now welcome her to your fabulous farm! For a farm so small it fits in your hands, Tiny Farm is jam-packed with sweet surprises and endless possibilities CRITICS' QUOTES TouchArcade: "This is a fun game to play, and it's absolutely adorable...Call me crazy, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might end up being popular…" Pocketnext: "It just doesn’t feel fair to ignore Tiny Farm, which is the best farming game on iOS to date." In life, there's nothing more important than L.O.V.E ! Give TLC to your very own barnyard animals and...
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Infinity Blade II 1.3.2

ScreenShot of Infinity Blade II 1.3.2 by Chair Entertainment Group **2011 IGN "Mobile Game of the Year"** **2012 AIAS "Mobile Game of the Year"** **Winner of the IMGA "Excellence in Gameplay" and "Grand Prix" Awards** **Entertainment Weekly's "Top 10 Video Games of 2011"** **15 Perfect Scores and more than 20 Game of the Year Awards** The award-winning Infinity Blade story continues! IGN - 10 out of 10 - Editor's Choice TOUCH GEN - 5 out of 5 - Editor's Choice TOUCH ARCADE - 5 out of 5 USA TODAY - 4 out of 4 G4TV.COM - 5 out of 5 APPOLICIOUS - 5 out of 5 MODOJO - 5 out of 5 SLIDE TO PLAY - 4 out of 4 GAMESPOT - 9 out of 10 - Editor's Choice IGN - "Infinity Blade 2 is a must own" Touch Arcade - "An iOS Masterpiece" INTO MOBILE - "The King of iOS Gaming Continues its Reign." IGN...
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Soccer Superstars 2012 1.0.4

ScreenShot of Soccer Superstars 2012 1.0.4 by GAMEVIL USA, Inc. Soccer Superstars 2012 The Ultimate Smart Soccer Experience Play soccer, become a superstar. Do you have what it takes to be the Soccer Superstar? Play Soccer Superstars 2012, the most immersive and dynamic soccer game on smartphones. Train your player and team with endless skill building and leveling options. Unlock special players and dominate the stadium against impressive AI or others players across the world. Soccer Superstars 2012 brings intensive team management and soccer game play to your device for endless hours of soccer fun. FEATURES ENDLESS SOCCER IN 4 DIFFERENT MATCHES Play in League Match, Village Cup, Event Match and Quick Match, as your team challenges intelligent AI and other users! HANDS-ON CUSTOMIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Manage your team with the most thorough customization...
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Wacoon Jump! - Super Land Platformer 1.6.5

ScreenShot of Wacoon Jump! - Super Land Platformer 1.6.5 by BERTHIER YANNICK Over 140.000 players are already totally WacooooOoOON!! Are you ready to play Wacoon Jump!? If you love collecting coins, stomping critters, getting powers and discovering tons of secrets & bonus... well, let's go! Wacoon Jump! is an advanced 2D platformer that brings the console gaming experience to your iPhone and iPod Touch!!! Along this incredible adventure, play as Wacoon, a heroic and funny character who must save The Royal Jelly recently kidnapped by critters. Wacoon will find himself dragged in a grand quest that will lead him through amazing and gorgeous places where he will be dealing with many traps and monsters who are, for some, able to help each others. To face these trials, use Wacoon’s abilities such like the wall jump, the backflip, or even the ground pounding...
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Iron Commando Pro 1.8.5

ScreenShot of Iron Commando Pro 1.8.5 by Triniti Interactive Limited RELIVE a RETRO CLASSIC, and DRIVE BACK the ALIEN INVADERS! LOAD your SHOTGUN, and JUMP into a super-challenging ACTION-PACKED PLATFORMER! ★★★★★ SCORE sweet POWER-UPS, PULVERIZE menacing BOSS SHIPS, and BATTLE your way through 8 ULTRA-CLASSIC STAGES! ★★★★★ HOP into a BLAST FROM THE PAST and get your RETRO ON. YES, we brought the 30-LIFE CHEAT ;) ★★★★★ it is the year 2046. an anthropomorphic extraterrestrial species has overrun planet earth, and is unleashing its destructive forces on major cities across the globe. apocalypse threatens as rumor spreads that the invaders have scheduled a 7,000 megaton nuclear detonation. you are all that stands between your planet and a nuclear winter. now is the moment of determination, iron commando... ★★★★★ ✓ swanky...
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Heroes Battle Plus 8.1

ScreenShot of Heroes Battle Plus 8.1 by Tapstic INC ★★★ it's not a game, it's your hero's life ! ★★★ Tired of those cloned pushbuttons games? Want to be part of the action? Think Different and become a hero today ! 4 of july sale!!!! Battle your friends, family, coworkers and other real world players in this Heroes Multiplayer Online Game as you compete to be the most powerful or trendy hero/villain in the world. Ever wanted to throw a fireball, control someones mind or maybe just fly? You have all of these powers inside you. Use your powers in a turn by turn battle based on bluff and block strategy. It's pure emotion! __________________________________________ There is an important glitch in this new version, if you do not have a character yet, DO NOT tap on login or you will get stuck forever. tap on CREATE YOU HERO. An update...
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RuneMasterPuzzle 1.2.1

ScreenShot of RuneMasterPuzzle 1.2.1 by ATTOMEDIA Corp. Do you want to be the first Rune Master? The Rune Master Puzzle is a groundbreaking brain teaser that you have never experienced before. You need to pass a series of stages to prove yourself to become a Rune Master. The puzzle will challenge every aspect of your brain in ways that you have never imaged before. None ever – EVER - has successfully become the Rune Master. The Rune Master Puzzle will challenge you and your brain. Do you want be the first Rune Master who cleared all stages? Come on, take our challenge. ● The rules are simple - Move stones to align the same color of stones for 4 or more in a line, and crush them. ● You will enjoy the thrilling of winning matches, tuples, and combos. ● Hone your tactical skills with planning and forecasting movement. ● You can spice...
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Call of Mini: Sniper 1.2.3

ScreenShot of Call of Mini: Sniper 1.2.3 by Triniti Interactive Limited *NOW FREE for a LIMITED TIME!* it's SHOOT to KILL in this ALL-OUT WAR with the UNDEAD... ★★★★★ use GUNS, ROCKETS, and even PROPANE TRUCKS to HOLD THE LINE! the ZOMBIES WON'T STOP but NEITHER WILL YOU! ★★★★★ A mysterious corporation has been testing weapons in the mountains, and those new bioweapons had an unexpected side effect: zombies! You are Rod, the sheriff of Muerte Vista and the only thing standing between the last survivors and complete zombie apocalypse. Time to take aim and save the world one headshot at a time! ★★★★★ ✓ BRUTAL first-person survival action! ✓ ULTRA-REALISTIC guns! ✓ JAW-DROPPING explosions! ★★★★★ ✓ 6 BLOODTHIRSTY zombie types! ✓ 21 LETHAL weapons! ✓ SWAT backup! ✓ EXPLOSIVES bring the BOOM! ✓ NONSTOP zombie ...
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