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Currency 1.51

ScreenShot of Currency 1.51 by Viking Informatics Ltd "A currency converter for Symbian smartphones." Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques, and others, for all counries. Future upgrades are free for registered users. [ISO] codes shows supported languages/countries. FEATURES - 146 currencies; - conversion between any given currency; - retrieving currency rates using an Internet connection.
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XpenseTravel 1.6

ScreenShot of XpenseTravel  1.6 by Sympal "XpenseTravel is a powerful, yet simple expense manager for Series60 devices." Track your spending during the travel, and have the complete picture of where your money goes. With multiple file support, it makes a great reference tool – consult your old records when planning a new journey. It is an absolute must-have for a traveler. XpenseTravel features: - Simple interface, easy navigation - Record an expense with just a couple of clicks - Create new Categories, arranged in two-level hierarchy - Create new Payment types, with alerts when a certain limit is reached - Create new Currencies, and set exchange rates - Generate Statistics, view Charts (NEW!) - Work with multiple files, for separate simultaneous records, or future travel planning - View expenses filtered by date and...
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HemeShopping 1.0

ScreenShot of HemeShopping 1.0 by Hemelix "A list program that help user for making list of what they are going to shop." It will work just like SMS or Bluetooth message. If you make a list you can send it over Bluetooth to other people or via SMS to other people. You can calculate total cost of products you are going to buy though all features are not working OK. - New list (that one you are going to use for shopping) - No item has been added yet to this list - Use new item menu to add an item, that item will be added to all item view automatically for later use - Press right arrow to go to allitem view (where all items name are stored) - Select options | cost to see the total price of the list - Select options | Details to see details properties of the product - Amount, amount of the product can be inserted by pressing...
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Business Card Reader 6.23

ScreenShot of Business Card Reader 6.23 by Abbyy "It allows users to transfer contact information from business cards directly." ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 is a handy application for Nokia smartphones running on Symbian S60 which allows users to transfer contact information from business cards directly to the Nokia address book by using the smartphone camera and ABBYY's text recognition technology. It helps people save time and effort typically spent on typing in names, phone numbers, e-mails and other key information. To add new contacts, users need to simply start the application on their device and take a picture of a business card. The program will scan and "read" this picture, automatically extract contact data from it and enter the data into appropriate fields of the mobile address book. The application promises...
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SmartProfile 4.0.1

ScreenShot of SmartProfile  4.0.1 by Fingertip Access LLC "SmartProfile enables your phone to work under proper profiles automatically." SmartProfile enables your phone to work under proper profiles automatically according to your time schedules, calendar/agenda or your locations. For example, you may need your phone to be silent from 11 pm to 5 am every day, and be in a meeting profile from 10:30 am to 11:30 am every Monday, all you need to do is to set up the schedules using SmartProfile,and then the application will take care of setting your phone to use proper profiles automatically. You can also let your phone switch to proper profiles based on your location, for example, switch to a meeting profile at home from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am every day, or switch to a silent profile in a theatre, then just let SmartProfile remember the desired...
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LightNotepad 1.86

ScreenShot of LightNotepad 1.86 by Petri Kultanen "This is small text editor for Symbian S60 3rd phones." Program supports following text formats: -ASCII (ISO-8859-15 (Latin 9)) -Unicode (UTF-16)(First 256 characters) UTF-8 is not supported. This program is designed for small files, and limit is 200 Kb. Bigger files are loaded as read-only files. Features: Portrait and Landscape modes. Different text sizes. Copy/Paste with phone pen key. Save and load from phone memory or memory card. Find from text file. Set one bookmark for file.
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Finanz S60 3.02 3.02

ScreenShot of Finanz S60 3.02 3.02 by Kylom "Finanz S60 is your all in one business and finance assistant." Finanz S60 is your all in one business and finance assistant for the phones of the S60 3rd Edition family : - it handles classical business and finance calculations, including loans, annuities, compounded growth, margins, discounted cash flows, net present value… and also bond calculations. Calculations are handled in clever templates (20 available), which work like solvers in a spreadsheet and are particularly useful for repeat calculations and “what if” simulations. - it includes a currency converter where the exchange rates of up to 48 currencies are stored. You can select the 48 currencies out of a list of more than 100, and display them in the order you want, on several pages. Exchange rates can...
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Projekt S60 1.24 1.24

ScreenShot of Projekt S60 1.24 1.24 by Kylom "Projekt S60 is the best application for the management of lists." Projekt S60 is the best application for the management of lists on Nokia Smartphones, with a large number of uses : - Outliner - To-do lists - Notes taking - Project management - Mind mapping - Shopping lists - Packing lists
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Kredit Exchange 1.10

ScreenShot of Kredit Exchange 1.10 by Unknown Kredit Exchange v1.10 is a traveller's utility, focusing entirely into quick currency conversion. Its main features are: It supports 34 currencies (see details below). The application works offline, conversion rates can be refreshed over the air. UI with country flags and 1-row or 2-row list. If you change value for one currency, all others are updated.
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RaceChrono 1.3

ScreenShot of RaceChrono 1.3 by Enrico Bottani RaceChrono a is data logging software for all kinds of sports. It runs on Nokia Series 60 smart phones and uses position data from your Bluetooth GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance. To use RaceChrono lap timer you need a Nokia Series 60 2nd edition or Series 60 3rd mobile phone. Also a Bluetooth GPS receiver is needed.
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