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Hamster Homie 1.0

ScreenShot of Hamster Homie 1.0 by HandyGames It is an ordinary day in the unusual laboratory of Paula the scientist and her two rodent buddies! Tony the hamster and Maggie the mouse run in complex labyrinths day by day to prove their intelligence to Paula. As if it wasn't obvious how clever they are! Yet the labyrinths are not easy to finish because various platforms of the maze can be slid in and out of the wall to make a way. What is more, the mazes have to be completed within the shortest time possible, no time to loaf about! Can you guide Tony through the labyrinths to the exit point? And maybe, when Paula leaves the laboratory for the weekend, can you help the furry pair to escape to the outside world? Features * 30 thoughtfully designed levels * Unique puzzle mechanism * 5 platform types with different features * ...
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Ninja Prophecy 1.0

ScreenShot of Ninja Prophecy 1.0 by gamespace After a hundred years after the death Ozunu and its possibilities, a mysterious group of evil grew. To restore its strength Ozunu must absorb the life around him and its power will affect wildlife and good people, especially those who are strong mentally. Command your team of 5 ninja, your mission to save the five sacred Ozunu balls and get rid of the evil forces forever ... Features: * As a leading company of the 5-ninja, free to explore the open location with breathtaking quests. * Through 8 worlds: the ninja clan, Forest, Region Rocky, Crystal Space, Sea Port, Volcano, Castle and Sky Tower. * Show your skills and tactical turn-based battles sense. * Eliminate a lot of different demons of Japanese folklore. * The acquisition of objects, learn the new art of battle and get the upgrade at ...
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Memory Wiz 1.0

ScreenShot of Memory Wiz 1.0 by RealArcade Supercharge your memory with a unique and fun match game for everyone! Flip tiles and match symbols, but be quick or the board will fill with new tiles. Play to reach the highest score possible in this twist on the classic game of memory with new game types and power-ups. Keep track of your highest scores, collect special reward trophies, but, most importantly, sharpen your memory!
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GAMELOFT Predators 1.0

ScreenShot of GAMELOFT Predators 1.0 by Gameloft The official mobile game brings you the long-awaited return of Predators! The most dangerous fighters and killers on earth are transported to the Predators home planet: a verdant alien environment where human beings are hunted as prey! Step into their world and a gaming experience like no other, where only skill, speed, and cunning dictate: are you predator or prey? Features * The official game of Twentieth Century Fox’s Predators. * High-octane action/adventure with auto-aim and continuous-fire for maximum hits per round. * Immersive environments in varied locations including steaming jungles, rocky valleys, wate**lls and swamps. * Detailed graphic and unprecedented lighting effects. * Varied gameplay with fast-paced levels where only speed and cunning will let you live! * Become a ...
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Kung Fu Master Class 1.0

ScreenShot of Kung Fu Master Class 1.0 by In-Fusio Kung Fu Master Class is a comic mini-game compilation intended to cultivate your chi and teach you are the discipline of Taoist spiritual training – by having you do handstands on your fingertips in a lightning storm. That's just among several ancient Shaolin techniques intended to temper body, mind and spirit into one indomitable human blade. Other exercises include sprinting along rooftops (Crouching Tiger style), testing your memory with form practice, hitting bricks before they hit back and deflecting fireballs thrown by Buddha.
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ScreenShot of BUTTERFLY EFFECTED Snake Deluxe 2  1.0 by Unknown With Snake Deluxe 2, discover the snake game like you've never seen. In Action mode, traveling across the galaxy fighting the enemy ships and picking up chips to increase your score. In classic fashion, find the ultra catchy gameplay of this game for hours inimitable fun.
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Glu Mobile Guitar Hero 5 Mobile More Music 1.0

ScreenShot of Glu Mobile Guitar Hero 5 Mobile More Music 1.0 by Glu Mobile UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCK STAR&reg! Prepare to rock out on your phone with the newest edition of the #1 selling music series.
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Shrek Forever After 1.0

ScreenShot of Shrek Forever After 1.0 by Gameloft # 4 Gameplay Styles: Explore, fight, race and fly through this action-packed platformer! # • 3 Playable Characters: Play as Shrek, Donkey and Fiona. # • 11 Levels of Epic Adventure: Venture through the film's storyline and extra scenes. # • Old Friends & New Enemies: Encounter your favorite characters as never before, from Shrek as a "real ogre" to Fiona as leader of the Ogre Resistance to the down-and-out Donkey (and there’s even more of Puss in Boots to love)! # • Authentic Movie Environments: Travel throughout the dark alternate world of evil Rumpel's Far Far Away! # • Ogre-sized Laughs: Enjoy the unique humor you expect from Shrek & friends, from gameplay antics and dialogue to unique cut-scenes and special character animations!
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Gorilla Rampage 1.0

ScreenShot of Gorilla Rampage 1.0 by Digital Chocolate Digital Chocolate has revealed Gorilla Rampage, a new retro-flavoured game for mobile. Taking its cues from the likes of arcade monster masher Rampage, Gorilla Rampage casts you as the Kong-like King Gorilla. It's up to you to prevent each kidnapped "beautiful woman" from being rescued. This plays out a little like an inverted Space Invaders, with King Gorilla running left and right along each level of a towering skyscraper, lobbing rocks down at the climbing rescuers. There are six cities to fight through (New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Dubai) with a boss waiting at the end of each. These include such larger than life characters as a UFO and a dashing Rocketeer. The game sports a rather unique art style that Digital Chocolate is calling "Retro-realistic...
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Inlogic Software Swapper 1.0

ScreenShot of Inlogic Software Swapper 1.0 by Unknown The aim of Swapper is to swap blocks out of one column and stack them into another before the board is lowered into your little robot’s metal face at the bottom of the screen. Matching four or more linked colours removes the blocks from the play area and causes a combo meter to start ticking down. Get another match before it expires and the multiplier goes up, and the process begins again with the timer slightly faster than before.
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