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ScreenShot of computer_types by galla lakshmikanth it discribes the different types of computers.
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Easy Interest

ScreenShot of Easy Interest by LVCsoftware Do you need a loan? Do you want invest your money and know future value? Are you evaluating a new bank account and want know which is the best for you? Easy Interest is your App! Enter the details of your investment and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest accrued, and its total value of your capital. Enter the details of your loan and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest due and the value of capital that you will return at the end. Functions -Simple Interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value -Compound interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value Trial Version - We are able to calculate simple interest but not compound. - There are advertising. New in version 1.2 -Added Italian language. -Decreased...
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ScreenShot of SafeCross by Chand Malu Companion application for Zebra crossign safely. Application can highlights the Stop sign on the phone at the zebra crossing or otherwise to indicate the warning to the other people/vehicle driver while crossing the road. Application is just a helper and do not use this in difficult traffic condition. No warranty given for safety. However if this apps helps prevents even minor accident effort is worth.
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Snack A Day

ScreenShot of Snack A Day by JoeJG Live Tile Application. Snack A Day provides the lazy with a random daily suggestion for their snacking needs. Warning - do not consume phone. Pin the application to your home screen to start snacking! Updates incoming.
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UK Liberal News

ScreenShot of UK Liberal News by DipoleTech The best source to get the latest happenings from in and around the UK - news, sports, entertainment, politics and more. Features - Offline Reading - Panorama Display - Swipe to change senctions Coming Soon: - Playable videos
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Dungeon Stalker

ScreenShot of Dungeon Stalker by Pansoft *** New in 1.16! + Experience points updated to allow very high levels + Is now possible to descend below floor 500...good luck! *** The Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her legion of minions. She is spreading the plague of hatred and fear in all hearts, becoming stronger at every second. A legend is told : a hero will come. Brave enough to challenge the dangers that awaits below the surface, down in deepest tunnels of her kingdom. A hero that will free the land and defeat the Dragon Queen. Are you the legendary hero? Sharpen your blade, train your magic and get ready to descend into the deepest dungeons of this immersive real time role playing game! - Beautiful pre-rendered first person 3d graphics - Real-time melee combat - Gesture based real-time spell...
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Dice Thrower

ScreenShot of Dice Thrower by junky4ever A handy tool if you don't have any dices with you ;)
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ScreenShot of SearchTwitter by varunempire Search Twittter's Top Stories.
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Gem Lines 2

ScreenShot of Gem Lines 2 by EP Mobile Gem Lines 2 offers you two colourful themes and two sets of diamonds in just one game. Swap beautiful jewels to make horizontal or vertical lines. You can submit your new scores to the global leaderboards and filter the scores per play mode and change the score list (global, regional, last 24h). Enjoy four play modes, beautiful graphics and lovely music! Now with Gem Lines 2 you can collect stars, speed bonus and earn 25 achievements!
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Dino Copter

ScreenShot of Dino Copter by FunApp sp. z o.o. Have you ever wonder how it would be to work as a taxi driver? Driving helicopter? Carrying dinosaurs? Who don't have to worry about traffic jam but to pterodactyls and angry triceratops? No? Then you should! :-) Check your skills as caveman copter driver in 20 levels. Face running time, raging triceratops, flying pterodactyls, sharp rocks and many other obstacles on your way
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