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ScreenShot of VicarCalculator by Vicar This is a beautiful calculator, it could help you finish the daily calculation , when the application runs on the windows phone ,you will find it fastly 、accurately , and I hope you'll love it !
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ScreenShot of Solver by otsoni Solver that solves your quadratic equations!
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ScreenShot of TalkingCalculator by Akash Nidhi P S Basic Calculator Which can perform addition,subtraction , multiplication and division. Main Feature of this is the option of "Click To Talk ", this will speak the number in the display box.
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ScreenShot of Mrafq by Yalla Apps Developed by alisaffar Mrafq Free apps it is available in both Languages Arabic and English. Includes Useful Numbers in Saudi Arabia (as the ministries - embassies - Hotels - Car Rental - Tourist Offices - Emergency - Hospital - universities), includes the area (Dammam - Riyadh - Jeddah).
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ScreenShot of MyThings by Sebastien B. Simplify your everyday life with MyThings for Windows Phone 7. The simplest and must have to-do-list application on Windows Phone 7 recommended by many web sites, has been developed to help you store, remember, share, localize and do your personal and professional tasks easily and with pleasure. Try MyThings for FREE, use it and you will understand how MyThings will help you save time in your everyday life! MyThings Mango !! - Import meetings from your calendars - Pin tasks individually to your windows phone screen - Advanced dynamic live tiles - Brand new design - Much faster, simplified - Localize a task on Bing Map - Sharing features optimized Update (3.9) : Fixed design & tasks added several times when imported. Update (3.4) : Added support for a large number of tasks. MyThings v3....
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ScreenShot of Resistance by l3v5y Calculate the resistor value and tolerance from the combination of colour bands. Contact for support
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Complex Calc

ScreenShot of Complex Calc by Patrick Thien Complex Calc is a calculator designed to make doing advanced calculations on your phone easy. It can handle both real and complex numbers and retains a history of previous calculations allowing you quickly refer to them when doing long calculation. Complex numbers can be entered in either rectangular form (eg. 5+ 2i), or polar form (eg. 4∠90°), or both in the same equations. There is no need to switch between modes. Complex Calc always tries to return the most appropriate form of a number. If you multiply two complex numbers in rectangular form, the answer will be in rectangular form as well. The same applies to numbers in polar form. There is full support for parethesis and order of operations. Equations can be entered using normal infix notation, so there is no need to learn reverse...
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Matrix Calculator

ScreenShot of Matrix Calculator by Anran This is a powerful tool for solving calculating problems between matrices. It can calculate many matrix operations such as plus, minus, multiply, divide, transposition and determinant value. More functions will be added in next versions.
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ScreenShot of Hashify by hrr This is an easy application used to calculate hashes like SHA1, SHA-256, MD4 and MD5. I wanted to implement more hashes to choose from, but I couldn't because the Windows Phone Cryptographic library lack a lot of "hash calculating" functions. If someone can help me with this, i would be grateful!
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Business Cards

ScreenShot of Business Cards by PrimordialCode ** important ** due to a known problem of the Marketplace if you are using the Trial version, before upgrading to a new version you will need to perform a backup of your data following the instruction you can find at this link: After the upgrade you will need to restore your data. Business Cards is your digital business cards classifier application: Is your desk full of contact and business cards of the places you've been (like good restaurants) or the people you work with? How many times you whished to have all your contact cards with you just to find the right person or the right place to go when you are out with friends? Are you tired of bringing with you piles of paper? 'Business cards' was mainly created to tide up your desk and have all...
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