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Speed Dialer

ScreenShot of Speed Dialer by Yalla Apps Developed by Xtreme Apps Put your most important people just 1-tap away from your home screen. You can pin you most important 6/12 people to your home screen and get to them just in 2-taps. ______ New in Version 1.2 1) UI Updates, 2) Splash screen removed, 3) Some other fixes.
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VIP Contacts

ScreenShot of VIP Contacts by Edward Chow This App provides a database which user can store and locate VIP contacts' info such as multiple mobile phone,office and home telephone numbers, email accounts and important credential info. With security in mind, accessing info requires password so this set user's mind worry free when phone is lost or people try to browse your contact list and get info when phone is left unattended. Features: 1) How people return your lost phone. 2) Easy to call, SMS and send email to VIP contacts who have multiple numbers for mobile phone, office and home telephone and multiple email accounts. 3) Password protected database. If user lost the phone, VIP contacts info will not be exposed. 4) Easy to add and update VIP contacts' info. 5) Add, delete and update credential info ( like username, password, Bank...
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ScreenShot of El7a2ny by Yalla Apps Developed by LinkDev El7a2ny is an emergency application that contains a complete list of emergency numbers; in addition to that it facilitates calling the emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) in a simple two-step process. Also with the Help ME Button you could report your current location with a custom rescue message to those who you need help from via sms/email. Hint: The application needs to use the user location, in order to be able to report the emergency incident that he is experiencing to the requested parties.
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ScreenShot of shareQR by MetaDesign Solutions Pvt Ltd ShareQR allows to quickly share your contacts with other mobile devices. It generates a QRCode for a contact and displays in on screen for the other device to scan. Steps to Follow 1. Search for a contact you want to share 2. Tap for Details 3. Tap on Icon saying "Tap to Share" to generate a QRCode
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ICE Contacts Lite

ScreenShot of ICE Contacts Lite by AMdevelopers ICE Contacts is an app meant to help save your life in the event you become a victim of a serious accident, ICE contacts can be used by paramedics, or other first responders, to find out important information about you such as any allergies, conditions you suffer from, or any medications you're on and the numbers of contacts that should be notified of your accident. However, ICE Contacts is not just for accidents. If you're feeling unsafe or are in trouble, you can use ICE Contacts to find/track your location, quickly send an SMS alert or set up a call to a predefined contact - all in just 2 short taps. You can save and pin multiple emergency contacts to your start screen that should be notified, in case of an emergency This could prove to be one of the most important apps you download. The...
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Txt Cmprsor

ScreenShot of Txt Cmprsor by Nisarg Shah Like to use the standard keyboard, with features like auto-correction and auto-suggetion. Can't fit your tweet in 140 characters. Hate that your txtspk gets converted to totally different words as you type the message. Comfortable writing standard English but don't want the length of the message to exceed or just look too formal or uncool? Can't txtspk even though people have been yelling at you? Then this is the app for you. This app lets you write in the way you want to write English, and takes words and converts them to txtspk words, so you don't have to worry about that. You can directly send the text you have just typed as an SMS, Email or even Update to social networking websites from this app directly. Adding new words for conversion or editing already existing conversions is also...
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Phone Tracker

ScreenShot of Phone Tracker by XIM INC Uses real GPS satellites and cellular tower networks to determine phone's location! Imagine telling your friends that you can ALWAYS track location of their phone ANYWHERE in the world and they probably won't believe you... Then go ahead, enter their phone number and click LOCATE - they'll be amazed and shocked, to say the least! In reality, this app always tracks location of your phone and since your friends are likely to be next to you they'll think that you actually track their location. Yeah, go ahead and tell them: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! Have Fun!
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Monitor Call

ScreenShot of Monitor Call by RicardoPons With Monitor Call you can make calls without spending the time set by some companies. Automatically saves your recent calls and select your favorite contacts from your contact hub. The application can work even with the locked screen without problems. Call Monitor Take the control of your calls and take care of your bill. UPDATE 1.1 Some bugs has fixed the app is faster.
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Zapi Social

ScreenShot of Zapi Social by Zapi Zapi Social provides an app that will let you update multiple social media accounts with the same status in one go! v1.1 * minor UI changes v1.0 * app allows you to update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Windows Live status all at the same time. * you can choose which social media account you want to update the status for. By default, the app selects all social media accounts that are setup on your phone. * you can choose whether to post the date and time field with your message updates. * you can include a link with you message updates but this is turned off by default. You just need to seelct a checkbox to activate this option. * don't have to log into each social media account individually to change the status. * makes status updates to any of your social media account very fast.
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ScreenShot of CallReminder by Yalla Apps Developed by Yasett Acurana This application allows you to register a phone number that you have to call in a certain time in the future, and displays a notification at that time.
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