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Dungeon Stalker

ScreenShot of Dungeon Stalker by Pansoft *** New in 1.16! + Experience points updated to allow very high levels + Is now possible to descend below floor 500...good luck! *** The Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her legion of minions. She is spreading the plague of hatred and fear in all hearts, becoming stronger at every second. A legend is told : a hero will come. Brave enough to challenge the dangers that awaits below the surface, down in deepest tunnels of her kingdom. A hero that will free the land and defeat the Dragon Queen. Are you the legendary hero? Sharpen your blade, train your magic and get ready to descend into the deepest dungeons of this immersive real time role playing game! - Beautiful pre-rendered first person 3d graphics - Real-time melee combat - Gesture based real-time spell...
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Gem Lines 2

ScreenShot of Gem Lines 2 by EP Mobile Gem Lines 2 offers you two colourful themes and two sets of diamonds in just one game. Swap beautiful jewels to make horizontal or vertical lines. You can submit your new scores to the global leaderboards and filter the scores per play mode and change the score list (global, regional, last 24h). Enjoy four play modes, beautiful graphics and lovely music! Now with Gem Lines 2 you can collect stars, speed bonus and earn 25 achievements!
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Dino Copter

ScreenShot of Dino Copter by FunApp sp. z o.o. Have you ever wonder how it would be to work as a taxi driver? Driving helicopter? Carrying dinosaurs? Who don't have to worry about traffic jam but to pterodactyls and angry triceratops? No? Then you should! :-) Check your skills as caveman copter driver in 20 levels. Face running time, raging triceratops, flying pterodactyls, sharp rocks and many other obstacles on your way
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ScreenShot of Barnstormer by Aardman Digital Barnstormer features the one and only much-loved Aardman character Shaun the Sheep! It's shear madness down on the farm in this fast and frenzied dash across the barnyard! Help Shaun to sprint through each race as quickly as possible, unlocking levels as you go, but be careful to avoid the obstacles if you want to be top of the flock.
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Free Billy

ScreenShot of Free Billy by XIMAD INC Free Billy is a challenging physics-based puzzler about a small bright yellow colored anglerfish Billy, whose curiosity and love for adventures got him into a trouble. Exploring a wreck of a sunken ship Billy found in the old mystery chest a magic bubble with the hypnotic spiral inside. The charmed fish followed that magic spiral and found himself on the ship under the piles of stones. Help the fish to get out of this trap by removing stones from its way! Free Billy and enjoy: -A lot of challenging levels! -Adorable graphics -very simple intuitive controls -Relaxing soundtrack.
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ScreenShot of Matches by IdealSolutions The aim of this logical game is to solve a mathematical equation by moving certain number of matches. There are four levels to be solved. -The first level Hummingbird - 1match to move -The second level Mockinbird - 2 matches to move -The third level Falcon - 3 matches to move -The fourth level Hawk - 4 matches to move On each level one move equals one point. If a player uses a hint one point is lost. The hints are available from the second level. To move to the next level a player has to solve certain number of equations starting from the Hummingbird level, for example the Hummingbird level - 300 simple equtions. On each level it it possible to choose the other/next eqation by clicking Next. It is also possible to come back to the previous move. The Multiplayer option is the game for two players...
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ScreenShot of BattleShips by Star Arcade Oy Get Star Battleships and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! Easy morning on the bridge of Command ship Star Arcade, it will probably be just another day at sea. Sun is shining and you’re getting ready for your morning meetings. Out from the blue the communication operator of your ship runs to you and hands you a telegraph. “Urgent message: Several enemy ships heading to your position! Defeat is not an option!” You’re commanding the armada of six warships and now you’re signed to sweep out an equal armada heading to your location. This task will require all of your strategic skills, so...
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3D Paperball

ScreenShot of 3D Paperball by A Trillion Games Flick the paperball into the bin in a true 3d environment with credible 3d physics. Multiple shooting styles are supported! For example, use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the basket and get extra paperballs. Or shake the phone to slam the ball into the basket (more bonus paperballs, and see what happens to the bin!). Compete instantly in the global leaderboard. Stunning 3d graphics and endless gameplay. Supported languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español.
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Herber the Weber

ScreenShot of Herber the Weber by Lou Copavo Studios Herber the Weber is a frenzied platform game. Try to stay alive the max time possible across an infinite level! Avoid obstacles and break bricks in order to keep running, and get all the coins in your way to increase your score. And be careful! Herber will run quicker and quicker, so be alert!
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ScreenShot of Barnstormers by Flying Code Monkeys Take the controls of your biplane as you race through mazes of canyons and caverns against the clock. To make matters worse, tanks scattered across the area will do their best to take you out. All is not lost because you are equipped with UNLIMITED bombs, so go ahead and blow things up! Features: - Real-time 3D Graphics - 20 beautifully rendered levels of increasing difficulty for you to explore (with more on the way) - Leaderboards - Achievements through OpenXLive - 3 different planes to fly - 3D Audio (best experienced with headphones or external speakers) - Tilt the phone to control the plane - Did I mention unlimited bombs? Free trial so go head and give it a shot!
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