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Smooth Clock

ScreenShot of Smooth Clock by SpeedyMarks Turn your device into a clock with a smoothly animated background. Features: - toggle between day and night mode - choose from 3 different animations - animate random, rainbow or gray colors - 3 different animation speeds - supports the 12 and 24 hour format
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Color Picker 7

ScreenShot of Color Picker 7 by Norbert Budincsevity Color Picker 7's purpose is to save the beautiful colors of the nature. The program uses the camera to identify colors and the program saves it on the phone. You can add the coordinates of the place where the picture was taken, but you can also turn this option off.
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Atmospheric Pressure

ScreenShot of Atmospheric Pressure by Alejandro122 Find the atmodpheric pressure of any place in the world.
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Chicken Story 2

ScreenShot of Chicken Story 2 by Health Pack Games A unique physics-based game like no other! Use the environment and quick timing to help save the chickens and liberate their nest of the evil monkeys. Chicken Story 2 features new gameplay mechanics, all new graphics, and hundreds of hours worth of user generated content. • 25 unique and challenging levels to introduce you to the game. • Unlimited replayability, with thousands of user-created levels. • Health Pack Network with cross-platform achievments and medals. • Localization in 10 different languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
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ScreenShot of TreeBird by Nevitus TreeBird is a game in which you have to guide the bird to avoid hitting trees. The bird flies forward and you can make it fly upwards by touching the screen. The bird descends with gravity when you release the touch. The game is similar to the classic helicopter game. Features of the game include: * Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard * Increase lives by collecting golden leaves * Pleasing music and sound effects * Addicting and fun to play!
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ScreenShot of LSaber by Adam Szert Turn your device into a light saber! Tap the hilt to activate the saber, then you can choose sound effects with the two buttons on the sides of the screen.
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Line Runner

ScreenShot of Line Runner by Djinnworks The #1 iPhone hit now on your Windows Phone! Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles, as fast and as far as you can. Try to beat other players highscore on up to 10 different tracks. FEATURES: - Very fast paced gameplay - Really challenging - Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking - Online leaderboards - Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide - Different difficulties Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as fast as possible. Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions.
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ScreenShot of MoleSmasher by TomaszFidos That is enough! Don't let those moles destroy your beautiful lawn. Tap their heads so that they desappear.
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ScreenShot of QuadriMania by T-Ray Studios Welcome to the world of QuadriMania a puzzle game based off of the classic block game everyone loves!! In this paid version you get all 100 levels! Play along with awesome stereo quality music to get you going! Fun and challenging for all ages! Randomly generated game play so no two games are ever the same! Unique user interface to enable you to play with both hands like a real controller!!!! - Introducing "Life Line" for those spots where you get in a bind! - Beautiful CGI backgrounds! - Can you get all the achievements to unlock the bonus games? - Contests to win great prizes!** **Contests available are indicated by the button on the main screen. If contest is active the button will be highlighted if none available it will remain inactive** - Online leaderboards to keep up with...
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AE Jewels

ScreenShot of AE Jewels by AE Mobile AE Jewels comes to your phone now! Try this game and you won’t be sorry! Any feedbacks please email us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! It is no like other jewel elimination games. It is a brain teaser that requires fast reaction and strategic thinking. Think strategically, use power ups, change jewel order, use freeze time and “maybe” you will have a chance to make it to climb up the Global Leaderboard. Various bonus levels, beautiful graphics, addictive and smooth gameplay and awesome vivid sound make AE Jewels an addictive game and it is a great way to kill time! AE Jewels is a simple but exciting match-3 diamond puzzle game for your mobile phone. Simply place three, four or five jewels in a row to blow away...
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