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Herber the Weber

ScreenShot of Herber the Weber by Lou Copavo Studios Herber the Weber is a frenzied platform game. Try to stay alive the max time possible across an infinite level! Avoid obstacles and break bricks in order to keep running, and get all the coins in your way to increase your score. And be careful! Herber will run quicker and quicker, so be alert!
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ScreenShot of Barnstormers by Flying Code Monkeys Take the controls of your biplane as you race through mazes of canyons and caverns against the clock. To make matters worse, tanks scattered across the area will do their best to take you out. All is not lost because you are equipped with UNLIMITED bombs, so go ahead and blow things up! Features: - Real-time 3D Graphics - 20 beautifully rendered levels of increasing difficulty for you to explore (with more on the way) - Leaderboards - Achievements through OpenXLive - 3 different planes to fly - 3D Audio (best experienced with headphones or external speakers) - Tilt the phone to control the plane - Did I mention unlimited bombs? Free trial so go head and give it a shot!
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Zen Garden

ScreenShot of Zen Garden by Soothr Zen Garden allows you to create your own digital rock garden. Simply drag your finger across the screen to rake the sand. Choose between 3 different rake types, or add some stones to your garden and drag them into place. Adjust the size of objects using the standard two finger gesture to ensure the perfect fit into your garden. You can perform up to 10 undo actions to ensure you get your garden looking just right. Export your completed garden as a JPG image into your media library.
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ScreenShot of Prankster! by umnum Classic Pranks on your new Phone! Prankster includes: Pull my finger Air Horn Whoopee Cushion Chirping Crickets Now, go impress and pester your friends!
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ScreenShot of Minotaur by Awesome Enterprises Play as the Minotaur... Wandering the world with your axe, destroying everything that tries to harm you. Chop, smash, combo, block and counter your way through entire armies! Unravel the mystery of the mysterious falling rocks from the sky!
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Balloons In The Sky

ScreenShot of Balloons In The Sky by App Exchange The overall gameplay of Balloon in the Sky is that balloons will fly to the sky, and the players will have to pop as many balloons as possible within one minute to gain the highest score. The game is divided into two sections: the Classic and the Twister. In the Classic section, balloons will fly to the sky and the player must pop as many balloons as possible within one minute. The Twister section, on the other hand, is similar to the Classic section, but with its own special features: Frenzy, which spawns many balloons in the screen, Freeze, which slows the movements of the balloons, and Double, which doubles the score given by each balloon. The game will be over once the time ends.
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Cloud Blaster+

ScreenShot of Cloud Blaster+ by Logan Nowak Bella and Braid are two huskies on a mission to save the sky. The forces of darkness have come into our world, and they are the only ones who can stop it. From out of nowhere, strange forces have infected the sky. Clouds have become volatile, and are prone to having violent wisps on them. It appears that this has also caused a disturbance on Earth, as large masses of land are now floating in the sky as well. Become a hero and save the sky. Features: -Twenty-five campaign levels -Fifteen arena levels -Five different types of shots -Twelve unlockable cosmetic items -Nine different enemies -Five deadly bosses -Unlockable characters -Unlockable ringtones -Stat tracking -Live tiles Visit for more information.
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ScreenShot of SlotMachine by junky4ever A simple SlotMachine for passing some time.
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ScreenShot of Rizing by Pansoft *** New in 1.6! - New boss modes added! Beware! - Special weapons grapphics updated - Nuke effects updated - Performance improvements *** Rizing is a dual stick arena shooter where you’ll be facing hordes of enemies in your quest for the ultimate high score! - Glow style acid graphics - Loads of enemies with different attacks and patterns - Random waves generated level by level - Power up you weapon to devastating levels - Improve your shields and heal up during fights! - Time your nukes to get extra bonuses - Random bosses created and assembled from different parts - 3 Different difficulty levels - Online leaderboard
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Fruit Wars Free

ScreenShot of Fruit Wars Free by Timster Studios The popular game Fruit Wars is now available as a free, ad-supported game! If you prefer not to see the ads, you can download the premium version which is also available in the Marketplace. In Fruit Wars, you take on the role of a hero lime, armed with only a bottle of lime juice with which to kill enemy fruits. To make matters worse, these enemy fruits have a really bad habit of firing poison fruit juice at you at ever increasing speeds. Fortunately, you have a few friendly bananas on your side. They've offered to act as bodyguards so make the most of their protection. Keep an eye out for the Flying Grapes. They're there to distract you but if you manage to kill them, you'll score massive points.
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