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ScreenShot of GemsTris by SvenT Slide ’em across the board and destroy them by forming groups of three or more -- but beware of dangerous puzzle locks. Start by dragging the gems around by rows and columns. Whenever you make matches of three or more they explode: if there is a match the gems begin to rumble during dragging! As you make matches, some gems will become locked. Don’t panic! Make matches with the trapped gem to break the lock and set it free. When you can't make any more matches, the game is over. GemsTris comes with 3 diffrent game modes: *ENDLESS : play as long as you wish: no time limit *TIME TRAIL: every match gives you more time...time is running out *SURVIVE: keep the progress bar filled by making matches, if you don't: locks will appear until you can't make any more matches. What are you waiting...
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TV Show Tracker

ScreenShot of TV Show Tracker by Matteo Bellan TV Show Tracker lets you search and follow your favorite TV Series. It allows you to track your series, showing you date, time, and title of the next and of the latest aired episodes. It also shows you pictures, beautiful posters and outlines of every episode ever aired, of the programmed next episodes, and of the series in general. You can view the broadcaster and the status of each series (canceled, ended, returning…) Your series are sorted by the airing date of the next episode, so that you don’t miss any of your shows! Data about the shows are downloaded from TVRage Public Services, from IMDb and from In Trial Mode you can follow only one series at a time.
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ScreenShot of Remote by Komodex Systems With Remote, you can control iTunes from your phone. Browse through your music library and choose playlists, songs, and albums as if you were right in front of your computer. Play, pause, control the volume and more. Remote allows you to see all the artists, albums, songs, and playlists in your library. You can even use your device's keyboard to search for albums, artists, and songs by name. Once you find the media you're looking for, just tap to start playback. AirPlay control lets you choose which devices iTunes sends music to and control the individual volume of each device. To pair Remote with a new library for the first time, you must run the Pairing Utility on your computer. This utility can be downloaded from our website at: The Pairing Utility is only required ...
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ScreenShot of OCRrer by With OCRrer you can convert pictures of your text pages (yes, OCRrer is multi-page) to a TXT editable file that you can send by email. OCRrer allows you to customize the recognition process and the resulting text by setting a serie of parameters. - Document language: OCRrer will be more accurate and will assign more probability to the characters used by the specified language; actually you can choose from many languages (english, chinese simplified, danish, finnish, french, german, italian, japanese, polish, portoguese, russian, spanish, swedish, hindi) and different alphabets (latin, cyrillic, chinese, japanese, hindi). - Picture: you can tune the brightness and contrast (the picture is converted to B/W to be faster and more accurate) and angle (the picture must be in a reading orientation...
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Ape The Wall

ScreenShot of Ape The Wall by XIMAD INC What’s new: A campaign mode is added. You can move forward level by level with the game getting harder and more obstacles added. You will also have a chance to collect bananas and pine-apples to add up to the score. If you are very good at it, you will eventually get to the bonus level. But we won’t tell you what is there. You have to see it! Love to get into all sort of monkey business and just monkey around? Did someone throw a monkey wrench in your day and you need a pick me up? Or maybe you have a monkey on your back and need a break? Then put away that monkey suit and pick up Ape the Wall! (Now that I think about it, we should have called this game Monkey on the Wall!) In this fast paced monkey climbing action game, your goal is to climb the tallest apartment building ever...
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ScreenShot of Non-Alcoholic by Yalla Apps Developed by Batuhan Bayar 2 innovative slicing game in 1 package. Slice and break alcohol bottles to protect yourself !
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Touch Balloons!

ScreenShot of Touch Balloons! by LeapForward Studios UPDATE - longer playtime! If you score high you get a special surprise where your skill get tested in overdrive! How fast is your touching finger? Test it out in this simple yet effective game that pushes your ability to the limit in an explosive one minute time trial.
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Asteroid Lander Free

ScreenShot of Asteroid Lander Free by THIS IS THE FULL VERSION WITH ADs This is a modern version of the classic Lunar Lander with a twist. Your mission is to land on an asteroid as fast as possible while fighting the gravity of the asteroids. ARE YOU SKILLED ENOUGH TO BEAT THE ONLINE HIGH SCORE? If you prefer to play without ads, grab the paid version!
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Big Buck Hunter Pro

ScreenShot of Big Buck Hunter Pro by Microsoft Game Studios The #1 arcade hunting game, Big Buck Hunter Pro, is now on your Windows Phone device! Simple concept, challenging execution: shoot the three biggest whitetail bucks you can find (per site) without hitting any does. But be careful -- innocent does and crafty critters will try to distract your keen hunter’s eye at every step. With a combination of kill distance, impact location (where you hit the deer), and number of shots for the kill, a skilled hunter can achieve Big Buck Hunter Pro glory. Features: -Addictive touch-to-shoot game across three stunning 3D hunting destinations to bag that trophy buck. -3 bonus games: Frog Flippin’, Duck Hunt, and Gopher Garden are available for a fun break from the buck hunting action. -Pass-to-Play Multiplayer action, allowing you to go head...
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Dragon's Blade

ScreenShot of Dragon's Blade by Nate Monster Dragon's Blade is a turn-based, top-down RPG exclusively for Windows Phone and is the only RPG to include online play and chat. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Zelda, and other classic console RPGs of the 80's and 90's, you'll love Dragon's Blade. This free version includes the entire game and is supported by ads. PARTY CUSTOMIZATION: Create your custom party from 7 classes including Warrior, Templar, Thief, Juggernaut, Archer, Sorcerer, and Cleric. CLASSIC RPG GAMEPLAY: Explore a colorful and mysterious world, cast spells, discover thousands of items, battle monsters, crawl through dungeons, and enjoy the company of other players as you progress through more than 60 hours of game play. ONLINE PLAY: With the addition of online play, Dragon's Blade features an optional online ...
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