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UK Liberal News

ScreenShot of UK Liberal News by DipoleTech The best source to get the latest happenings from in and around the UK - news, sports, entertainment, politics and more. Features - Offline Reading - Panorama Display - Swipe to change senctions Coming Soon: - Playable videos
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ScreenShot of SearchTwitter by varunempire Search Twittter's Top Stories.
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ScreenShot of ucla by Caron Zhang Keep updated with the most recent UCLA news! Learn about happenings at UCLA, from academics and research to art and sports. Share great news with the Bruin family!
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TV Show Tracker

ScreenShot of TV Show Tracker by Matteo Bellan TV Show Tracker lets you search and follow your favorite TV Series. It allows you to track your series, showing you date, time, and title of the next and of the latest aired episodes. It also shows you pictures, beautiful posters and outlines of every episode ever aired, of the programmed next episodes, and of the series in general. You can view the broadcaster and the status of each series (canceled, ended, returning…) Your series are sorted by the airing date of the next episode, so that you don’t miss any of your shows! Data about the shows are downloaded from TVRage Public Services, from IMDb and from In Trial Mode you can follow only one series at a time.
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ScreenShot of uproxx by John Morman A news site with infroamtion on popular culture.
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BBC Wales News

ScreenShot of BBC Wales News by Delt0444 Read the latest and greatest news from BBC Wales!
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The Ulterior Epicure Blog

ScreenShot of The Ulterior Epicure Blog by blackink Read the latest and greatest from The Ulterior Epicure Blog!
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BBC Technology news

ScreenShot of BBC Technology news by Davmikh An application that displays technology related news from the BBC.
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Vegalicious Blog

ScreenShot of Vegalicious Blog by blackink Read the latest and greatest from Vegalicious Blog!
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ScreenShot of Pastebin by Alexander Schuc Pastebin is a client for You can use it, to view your stored pastes, and to create new ones. Your pastes can be shared via email, sms, facebook, twitter etc. You can even view your pastes within the app!
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