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ScreenShot of lightsaber by kuba746 With this app you can make lightsaber sound effect by shaking your phone.
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ScreenShot of Fountain by Zanofer Falling water!
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ScreenShot of DrinkingBuddies by Strix Studios Tired of inviting people for drinking one by one? You can speed up this process and invite all of them in few simple steps: 1. Add your friends to a drinking buddies list 2. Choose your prefered beverage 3. Send messages to your drinking buddies 4. Enjoy your drinks :)
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ScreenShot of Fortune_teller by Hubber Fortune Teller is an app where you will have all your yes or no questions answered. If you have a question, the app will have an answer!
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ScreenShot of FriendshipCalculator by varunempire Calculate Your Friendship .
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ScreenShot of Reverse_My_Text by Galileo This is a fun app which reverses texts!
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Poker-Spy Calculator

ScreenShot of Poker-Spy Calculator by Poker-Spy Poker-Spy, a provider of poker tools and teaching aids since 2005, is bringing its technology to the Windows Phone. The Poker-Spy Calculator allows you to quickly review and/or learn Texas Hold’em Poker odds. On the flop, turn or river, the Poker-Spy Calculator will give you instant data like outs, percentages and odds against any number of opponents. The Poker-Spy Calculator uses sophisticated algorithms to give you real world results. Odds are not simply determined by dealing random cards to opponents. Instead, the odds are based on the types of hands you would likely be playing against in the real world. Try it today and Improve-Your-Game! Latest version includes: Improved UI for card selection. Improved UI for opponent players selection. Fix for tomb stoning bug. Application Tips...
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Capitals of America

ScreenShot of Capitals of America by Alejandro122 Challenge yourself and your friends and find out who knows best the Capitals of America.
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ScreenShot of Hajj by Yalla Apps Developed by salam Know all the steps for the fifth pillar of Islam which is Hajj.
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99 Percent

ScreenShot of 99 Percent by Lifelens Who are we? Well, who are you? If you’re reading this, there’s a 99 percent chance that you’re one of us. Follow our movement!
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