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Strong Password Generator

ScreenShot of Strong Password Generator by MichelRandahl Password generator that generates a fairly strong password. The user choose a password length (8-16 charecters), and if it should contain special charecters.
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Text Encryption Pro

ScreenShot of Text Encryption Pro by PLRS => Text Encryption Pro is the easiest and the most secure way to encrypt, decrypt your texts, emails and sms. Text Encryption Pro uses the robust AES 256 bits symmetric ciphering algorithm. Use the "Copy / Paste" from WP7 to import or export (encrypted or decrypted) text between your applications. Share your keys with your friends, your colleagues and your business contacts. Associate a key to a person or a group of persons. => Manage your keys and all other sensible data (bank, e-mail, internet, computer, credit card, msn, ...) with the integrated keys manager. All the data defined by the user are crypted and stored on your Smartphone.
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Secret Note

ScreenShot of Secret Note by App Exchange Store you important note or message in this application with password protected. No one shall know the message even the reset the password.
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Private Photo

ScreenShot of Private Photo by nishantcop You need this App If .. You are Private person and want to keep away people from viewing my family photos if they take your cellphone. You want to use your camera to take close ups of all your credit cards, IDs or confidential data. Give Your personal Photos a private getaway.. Because your Cell phone is sometimes passed/borrowed to friends, kids or a stranger and saying ‘No’ or avoiding people from not looking into you phone picture gallery is a Toughie!! The Private Photo App will help you just do that!! This app is an endeavour to define a new facet to mainta. We make it worth, every penny you spend :-) Key features: *** Award Winning App at Nokia Singapore App Challenge 2011. *Simple 6 digit numeric password. - Fast access *Multiple images Import/Export/Delete/Move. *DECOY...
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ScreenShot of Whiskers by On the Shelf Software Whiskers the password keeper safely stores your personal data such as passwords, credit cards, and just about anything else on your phone. Whiskers does NOT access the Internet. All of your data is securely encrypted and saved to your phone. Only your phone can decrypt and access your information. Whiskers is locked each time with a Pin that you choose. No Ads!
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Password Wallet

ScreenShot of Password Wallet by V. K. Singh Tired of remembering all your passwords? Use Password Wallet to store your passwords on your mobile phone.
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Private Hub

ScreenShot of Private Hub by Smart WP The Unique App that you can Import your videos from pc to phone and stored in an encrypted. Now you can backup your data to SkyDrive, Import and Export Videos from/to SkyDrive. Try it first, and then you can decide to buy it or not. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Password protect your private album, private video, private contacts, bank accounts, Internet accounts, private files etc., ★Batch import and export photos; ★View a slideshow of photos; ★Shooting or import videos from PC; ★Export and Export your private videos to SkyDrive; ★Fake password, enter the fake password into a fake Page; Stored encrypted accounts and password; ★Resume from the background required to enter a password; ============================= Before...
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ScreenShot of 7Pass by Tran Ngoc Van Unofficial KeePass password manager client, compatible with KeePass 2.x for desktop. Support Info: - Blog: - Source code: Version 3.5: - Fixed SkyDrive synchronization Version 3.4: - Added SkyDrive support. - Removed usage of device ID. Version 3.3: - Fixed WebDAV bug. - Fixed global pass not displayed on app switch. - Added field editing and asterisks support. - Fixed protected field textbox display in light theme. Version 3.2: - Added navigation transitions. - Added pining of databases. - Supports password, title and username hiding. - Bug fixes & UI improvements.
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ScreenShot of MyPass by dimitrigodoy Store your Passwords in One Place.
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ScreenShot of PasswordGenerator by Pippirull A Password generator that generates stong/less strong passwords with/without unique strong characters. Length between 6-10 characters. Update: Added a option to send the password to a mailbox(preferably your own), added vibration on generating password, changed splashscreen and tiles.
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